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What can data possibly tell about whether I will like a particular city?
What if I am undecided whether I really should move abroad?
Can you consider countries’ immigration procedures while making your analysis?
Will you help me apply for the visa, get a residence permit, rent a flat, open a bank account?
Then it definitely makes sense to sign up for an individual consultation. During the session, we will discuss together what prompted you to consider relocating abroad, your pros and cons, and possible obstacles. We will also discuss the immigration options available to you and help you create a clear decision-making framework and an action plan.
Partly. We can consider availability of particular kinds of visas and residence permits e.g., startup visas, self-employed visas, investment residence, and so on. We also can factor in minimum required residency term before applying for the citizenship. However, we do not have reliable data on current processing times, refusal rates, nor can we assess your personal chances of getting the visa or residence permit in any particular country.
Data allows us to assess which locations score best across the criteria you choose. Top score doesn’t mean that you will necessarily fall in love with the place. However, it minimizes the risk of you moving someplace where you certainly wouldn’t want to stay for long, simply because it doesn't satisfy your most critical requirements. So, if you don't have a dream destination yet, it totally makes sense to take a chance on some places that, at least, meet your rational requirements
No. We do not help with any of that. However, for many countries we can recommend local advisors, lawyers, real estate agents who might be of help to you.
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