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By adopting the Green Tariff existing and new clients of Netcetera will be assured that the company is serious about the Environment by driving best energy management practices across the organisation and championing green innovative schemes which manage and reduce the environmental impact of the digital economy. The main savings are derived indirectly from the green supplement being earmarked for supporting local sectors in the Island community such as the fuel vulnerable with the provision of energy efficiency advice to enhance their quality of life.

The annual electrical consumption of Netcetera is matched to the output of Manx Electricity Authority hydro plant located in Sulby with the production of the electricity generated sourced from the flow of water from the upper levels of Sulby reservoir.
By using the Green tariff, Netcetera has displaced practically 500 tonnes of CO2 emissions by sourcing its electricity requirements from the Hydro plant as opposed to the average carbon intensity of all MEAs generation plant which average c 453gms/kWh to take into account gas plant outages when island power has to be imported from the UK.

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Note that the average carbon intensity of UK based electricity is over 600gms/kWh due to the increased proportion of coal plant in the UK generation mix. On the Island, MEAs combined cycle gas turbines have a carbon footprint of just over 400gms/kWh while that from the hydro plant is essentially zero.


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Formed in 1996, Netcetera is one of Europe's leading Web Hosting service providers, with customers in over 75 countries worldwide. As the premier provider of Datacentre Co-location, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Managed Web Hosting Services in the UK, Netcetera offers an array of services designed to more effectively manage IT infrastructures. Our state-of-the-art data centre environment enables Netcetera to offer your business enterprise level co-location and hosted solutions.

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