Show your visitors that your website is eco-friendly. Our free badges are the perfect way to start a green marketing campaign

Our badge will show your website visitors that your company is environmentally conscious, verifying your website is powered by 100% renewable energy. Why is adopting an eco-policy important? Because today more and more companies are finding that their customers judge the overall quality of their brand based on their response and policies regarding the environment. Promoting your green site enhances customer appeal and helps increase traffic to your site. One way to adopt an eco-policy is to choose for your web host.

Here's how to add a green banner to your web pages:

Just copy and paste the following HTML into your web pages. The links are absolute so you don't need to download the images:

All of our hosting solutions are 100% carbon neutral.

We are an entirely carbon neutral company, this covers our data centres, offices and all operations for all new and existing hosting solutions..

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