The Netcetera Green Initiative

Data Centres tend not to be viewed favourably when it comes to their carbon footprints with the amount of power that is consumed at each facility, despite the benefits of multiple businesses sharing one purpose built facility.

So here at Netcetera we believe it is our duty to do all we can in order to try and reverse the effect our business is having on the environment. Initiatives such as carbon offsetting along with the latest technologies to increase power efficiency will help to reduce our carbon footprint and act as our contribution towards the larger picture of protecting the environment. This will, in turn, help our customers become greener too.

All of our hosting solutions are 100% carbon neutral

We are an entirely carbon neutral company, this covers our data centres, offices and all operations for all new and existing hosting solutions.

Your website will also be carbon neutral, you will be presented with a distinctive carbon neutral logo to display your green credentials.

This exciting development will make us the first hosting provider to offer hosted solutions powered by hydro-electricity, a green power source that will prevent the emissions from happening in the first place.

Carbon neutral hosting for you

  • Cost efficient green 100% carbon neutral hosting solutions at no additional charge
  • 100% carbon neutral logo for your website
  • Increase your corporate brand reputation
  • Work with a hosting provider with long term goals to reduce energy consumption.

Data Centre Technology

Our Data Centre, The Dataport utilise's the latest power efficient technologies with an energy efficient UPS system and Free Air Cooling providing the air conditioning.

Typically saving 35% of the energy used by a conventional air-cooled liquid chiller, these chillers use a free-cooling cycle to reduce the need for mechanical cooling, thus significantly reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the air con units.

By delivering energy efficiency of up to 98%, the MGE UPS system helps us to reduce operating costs over the life of the UPS system. In addition, the unique UPS system topology proposed by MGEs system designers leads to significant energy savings, ensuring best value for Netcetera customers.

As a company we will be using virtualisation technologies, which in conjunction with other initiatives will allow us to reduce our carbon footprint. Server utilisation rates in standard physical environments generally run at around 15 percent; but using virtualisation to run multiple virtual servers on each physical machine can drive utilisation up to 70 percent and above. We will be offering this technology to our customers so that we can increase server utilisation in the data centre as much as possible

Why are we passionate about improving Sustainability in IT?

In 2007, Gartner reported that the IT industry was responsible for approximately 2% of global green house gas emissions, equivalent to the aviation industry at the time. Since then the number of data centers worldwide has surpassed 500,000. This massive and growing need for energy is contributing, in a big way, to the global carbon emissions crisis, due in part to the energy grids data centers use, which are powered by dirty energy or fossil fuels. We see a great opportunity in utilising the Isle of Mans abundant 100% renewable hydro energy infrastructure, naturally cool climate and strategic location as a means to clean up IT and greatly reduce the industry's carbon footprint. In short we put a lot of thought into defining what it means to be Green:

  • To run a sustainable public compute cloud that is 100% carbon neutral
  • To use renewable energy, not carbon offsets, to meet our goals
  • To enable our customers to live monitor their energy metrics and carbon savings

Sustainable Energy and PUE

Netcetera requires its data center partners to be very efficient and maintain a Power Usage Effectiveness rating that supports Netcetera's commitment to being carbon neutral. Netcetera's data centre, The Dataport, exclusively use 100% renewable hydro power energy.

Environmental Management
Netcetera is working towards attaining the ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Likewise, Netcetera vets partners and suppliers based on ISO 14001 compliance and their commitment to utilizing, as much as possible, renewable, climate-friendly resources.

Netcetera manages its waste responsibly. All disposal of electronic equipment is in accordance with the standards set in Netceteras ISO 14001 compliance manual.

Energy Efficient Equipment
Netcetera uses very energy-efficient equipment without compromising server performance. Netcetera specifically chose its server and networking suppliers based on an excellent track record in Green IT.

Environmentally friendly datacentres

By far our most concerted effort into, and largest improvements to our environmental impact are through the enhancement of efficiency in our data centre facilities. We have conducted a large-scale programme over the past 36 months to improve the efficiency in our data centres by:

  • Buying renewable energy for our managed hosting datacentres. We know of only a handful of other UK datacentre operators doing this.
  • Installing cold aisle containment and blanking plates to contain cold air in cold aisles, and to prevent mixing with the hot air expelled from the rear of server cabinets. This has effected an approximately 25% reduction in like-for-like cooling requirement for the facilities.
  • The use of highly efficient UPS systems which achieve approximately 95% efficiency, about 10% more efficient when compared with traditional UPS types.
  • We buy the latest energy efficient servers, which use up to 50% less power than the previous models which they replace. We have an active program of phasing out higher-powered older generation servers from our datacentres.
  • A programme of continual design improvement feedback to datacentre layout and choice of air-conditioning equipment.

Saving energy as a company

We promote the efficient use of resources including water, electricity and raw materials, contributing to sustainable development by:

  • Using air conditioning / heating only during office hours.
  • Switching all desktop machines to low-power consumption models.
  • Turning off all non-essential desktop machines and monitors at the end of every day.
  • Switching off all lights over night.

Encouraging recycling

Due to the nature of our business we receive a large amount of packaging on IT Equipment such as servers, that are delivered each week. And so, we provide a cardboard recycling service not only for our customers at The Dataport but for our use also. We endeavour to recycle all suitable waste and help prevent climate change by:

  • Working towards a 100% paperless office. Where possible printing of any documents is avoided; all invoices and other customer communications are sent electronically.
  • Recycling waste paper.
  • Re-using scrap paper.
  • Purchasing recycled, recyclable or re-furbished products when possible.
  • Re-furbishing all non faulty used server parts whenever possible.
  • Ensuring the correct disposal of faulty/used server parts.

Green Web Hosting Solutions from Netcetera

Netcetera and many of our clients have become increasingly concerned with environmental issues in recent years. As a responsible web hosting provider we recognise the need to develop highly efficient hosting solutions and make our company greener, reducing our carbon footprint.

Green Web Hosting Initiatives

Netcetera tries to look at the bigger picture when considering environmental impact from our operations. From larger initiatives like powering our datacentre from 100% green renewable energy, right through to the smaller ones such as not printing emails, and recycling all our packaging, everything counts! Our green hosting initiatives include:

  • Datacentre powered from 100% green renewable sources
  • Efficient Datacentre Technology Opened in 1996 our building uses latest power efficient technology and cooling solutions.
  • Green Managed Hosting Hot / Cold aisle server racks to reduce the load on the climate control systems.
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management Environmental Management Systems with ISO14001 (Environment) certification.
  • Environmental Aware Web Hosting Latest high efficiency Dell servers using less power than older hardware per website.
  • Green Web Hosting Where possible all packaging from new hardware deliveries and other items is recycled.
  • Reducing wastefulness in the office Reducing wastefulness in the office by keeping printing to a minimum.
  • Green Managed Cloud Servers Invoicing our clients electronically and no longer using paper/snail mail communication.
  • Recycling policy host Seperated recycling waste bins throughout our offices.
All of our hosting solutions are 100% carbon neutral.

We are an entirely carbon neutral company, this covers our data centres, offices and all operations for all new and existing hosting solutions..

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